Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

 Archangel Gabriel by Marius Michael George.
I am inviting you to open in deeper, calmer, richer ways to your own light- grounding it, anchoring it, trusting it in ways that were not available to you before this time on the planet.  So much light and love is being given and radiated to all of humanity. For it is the destiny of this planet to transform itself into a brilliant, radiant star and so it must be that there is a consciousness awakening, remembering, and reconnecting to that brilliant light that each of you is.
Connecting to the spirit of your heart is where the truth lives and where this light can be accessed at its highest frequency. Connecting to the spirit of your heart will allow old feelings of distrust, doubt and distractions to be released with compassion and ease so that your vibration will be lifted and raised into a new consciousness of true self love, acceptance, and transformation.

What is the message of your heart? What does your heart yearn for? What is the spirit of your heart’s deepest desire and deepest truth and boldest declaration?

I am beckoning you to join me for Angelic Attunements - to attune to that which is your highest purpose calling you into all that you are, to release all that you are not and to author your greater story- the spirit of your heart united in love, radiating light in service and in oneness with the Allness of all that is, in co-creation with the Allness of all that you are.

What is the boldest truth you can declare about yourself? Dare to dare to make that declaration.  What are you open to receiving to bring this to fruition? What are you open to letting go of which no longer serves you?

The opportunity I’m offering is to change your life- to shift your consciousness from what hasn’t worked, doesn’t work, and what wants to work but hasn’t happened yet, to co-creating your life with Spirit, the Angels, and all of the Divine in a way that you can invite, embody, embrace, and truly be inspired by.

I will ground your declaration and anchor it in a way that is sourced by the Angelic Realm so that it lines up with, it actually aligns with the blueprint of your soul- your destiny being served by being of the highest service. Attuning with me will awaken and affirm your human spirit, release self doubt and will create a new context of connection to yourself as your Holy Spirit and to one another as their Holy Spirit.

Yours in eternal devotion, Archangel Gabriel

These attunements are being made available to you in a series of gatherings or in a weekend retreat.
Many blessings to you,

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