Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gravity, Grace and Giftedness

I was sitting at the Oak Creek in Sedona, (my backyard) meditating yesterday morning. 
The words, "Gravity, Grace and Giftedness" came through.  

And then the Angels explained: Gravity means being connected to one's Light Heart. When we connect to our heart and live from that, then there is an availability of more Grace, and being more present to that then becomes a Giftedness, a pathway that connects us to our own unique talents, gifts, skills and abilities.  And that's how we connect with our truer self, our own inner divine passion.

When we're connected to our truer self, we express ourself more clearly and with ease and harmony. And that's Heaven on Earth. 

"Remembering that our unique individuality is God's gift to us, and how we express this is our gift to God." 
---- Joyea 

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