Monday, June 20, 2011

A Solstice Blessing

Below is a beautiful meditative prayer for the Solstice.  
I hope it is a blessing of abundance and prosperity for your summer. 
This was sent to me by Shakti, who received it from Angela of the Blessing Bowls:

 Great Spirit ... guide me to the
 light, with-in my heart.

 May I shine like the rays of the
 sun ... bringing my special gift
 to the world, as I bask in the
 warmth of the summer solstice.

 Grant me the grace to grow
 the seeds of my inner wisdom.

 Allow the transformational fire
 of my passion, to give me vitality.

 Illuminate my life with clarity and

 Bless me with love and joy,
 as I celebrate my oneness.

 And so it is...

 Love, Joyea

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